School Software:

Optimization and resource utilization is the key aspect of any Organization which has the willingness to achieve the best result from the existing infrastructure. School management is the biggest challenge for any organization to avail the desired goals, quality and the targets.

To overcome above strategies "Autosys:School Software/School Automation Software" introduces a complete decision support system integrating all the department of the School with a modular approach. The modules are ready to use at various departments of the School and give the freedom to the user to access the essence of the system with proper inter modular data exchange and data sharing on behalf of control of the administrative bird eye.

Technocore Systems "Autosys:School Software/School Automation Software" is been separately conceived for Schools – College/ High Schools – Universities. As different level of educational School works on different administrative & educational process which gives power to Administrators, Management Team, School Employee, Teachers, Students and Parent. Keeping in mind this nature of working of different type of educational Schools Autosys ERP Team has developed different versions of Technocore Systems "Autosys:School Software/School Automation Software".


  • Autosys ’ Software Administration
  • Student Enquiry Management System
  • Student Admission Management System
  • Student Attendance Management System
  • Employee Management System
  • Fee Management System
  • Examination Management System
  • Salary Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Transport Management System
  • Hostel Management System


  • A World class School Software/School Automation ERP solution for School Management.
  • A Complete Decision support system. Extremely userfriendly and attractive user interface.
  • Paper Less Concept which helps in saving the time & money.
  • Highest security at User Level, Module Level, Form Level & Database Level.
  • Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions.
  • Instantaneous access to up-to-the minute business information.
  • Integrated structure – reducing data redundancy.
  • True and unified picture of the business through a single, integrated business management solution.
  • Provide the details reports for all the internal & external activities of the organization.
  • Comprehensive student records management – From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the School.
  • All departments are connected with each other to share information as per their respective needs. Reduce the heavy work load of the staff members & management.
  • Able to generate year end ROI reports on the media management, accounts, purchasing for Stock and Library etc.
  • Able to manage all the follow-ups with the Front Office depts. with counselors in conjunction with back office depts.
  • For all kind of other office works. ble to manage all the Human Resources as per the Indian Gov.
  • Employees benefit Norms.
  • Design whole working path for complete organization & its associates in advance in the form of the academic Calendar – Schedules & reminders – Event Planning which execute through out the year.
  • Keep track of academic & non-academic details of all each individual student’s history & current status which help educator to shape each student career on right path.
  • Integration with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) Tags (Student I-Card, Employee I-Card & Library), Smart Card (for attendance, library and tuck shop), Biometrics (for teachers/staff attendance), Bar Code (for Library), Mobile SMS (for attendance, results, alerts, notices, etc.).
  • Single Click Interface that provides overview of all the departments working in campus.
  • Enriched with Modern & easy to use GUI comprising of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Student's Login for Library Search, Fee Status, Teacher Evaluation Test, Messages by Management etc. More then 500 accurate and reliable reports.