Technocore Systems provide clients with a holistic approach that addresses their business needs. We create custom courseware, product demonstrations and software simulations to meet your organization’s unique training and development needs. We work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to design courses that cover complex technical topics. We adopt strong instructional design methods that help to simplify the explanation of difficult concepts. Our solutions are built using comprehensive multimedia tools and cutting edge technologies that transform learning into an exciting and engaging experience. Our desire for consistency and affordability has ensured our clients become our long term partners.

Our Educational Services Division provides world class, affordable teaching resources to students, parent and institutions. The Subject Matter Experts and Tutors of Technocore Systemsl Online education services provide precisely that motivation and ease of tutoring. We have built a strong reputation in this industry by delivering quality content to partners and students.

Whatever your need, we can help. Our business-specific solutions include:

• Online Education Services
        o School Information & Management System
        o College Information & Management System
• Custom Content Development
• Virtual Labs & Avatars
• End to end LMS service
• Localization & Content migration
• Mobile Learning